Hello and welcome to my website.

I am very excited to have recently started my new position as assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Ottawa! It is an honour to work in the capital of Canada at a leading university.

I am a theoretical and computational fluid dynamicist with special expertise in the field of non-equilibrium gas dynamics. Traditional engineering treatments of fluid flow are only valid when conditions of local thermodynamic equilibrium prevail. However, for many flows, such an assumption is invalid. When traditional methods are used in these situations, flow solutions will no long correspond to physical gas behaviour. Such non-equilibrium is typical of micro-scale (MEMS) flows, highly rarefied flows, high-atmosphere flight, space-propulsion systems, super- or hyper-sonic flows, and space-weather prediction. I have developed new models that extend the validity of traditional methods into emerging flow situations without sacrificing efficiency.

I am an experienced computational fluid dynamicist. I have written and contributed to flow solver software that runs efficiently of modern massively parallel distributed memory computers. Engineer's reliance on computational tools is only going to increase and there is a demand for sophisticated methods and codes that treat complex, multi-physics flow situations. I am very interested in the advancement of this field.